Tension is mounting – Is Benny going to survive?

What's Benny been up to?
What’s Benny been up to?

Many of us have grown very found of our lovable Vampire Benny? Last week Sam let slip to Dean that Martin Creaser had been in touch.  The Hunter whom we saw in season 5 ‘Sam Interrupted. He wondered if Sam might have a lead for him to help break him back into the job gently.  Sam was adamant that if he gave Martin a job it would be research only. He would not kill the monster in question.  Martin had since reported back to Sam that he thinks Benny is responsible for some killings in hometown? Its the mid season finale tonight so what do we think will go down?

Sam and Dean meeting Martin Creaser during Season 5
Sam and Dean meeting Martin Creaser during Season 5

What does Martin report back to Sam. As the boys talk and head to where Benny is. It seems Dean is cautious but begins to suspect his brother might be right.  How will this mid-season finale pan out.  Many Benny fans have voiced their opinions that they think Benny’s days are numbered. They also think Sam after Sam’s outbursts a few episodes back that Sam might be the one whom tops Benny?  Are we to be anxious about this revelation? It may after all be a red herring. It may not turn out to be Benny that does the killing.  There might be a twist he might have got someone else to do it.  Or Benny’s not feeding off humans.  Which ever way this ends tonight, do we hold much hope that Benny actually makes it.

Sam opens up to Dean that he's asked Martin to keep tabs on Benny.
Sam opens up to Dean that he’s asked Martin to keep tabs on Benny.

Do you think Sam will top Benny? Or some twist may be revealed another person may do the killing. Could Benny actually survive, do we think the boys might have a change of heart and let Benny live.  Why have Sam and Benny not bonded, what is holding Sam back about Benny.  Are the writers going to do it again and top another popular character for entertainment.

 Aunty Bella would really love to know how you feel about Benny, and what addition he’s been to team Purgatory. Come on guys leave a comment!!

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