The Brothers relationship – What are the writers up to?

Are these boys really okay under the surface?
Are these boys really okay under the surface?

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This exert below is a clip taken from Laura Prudom from the Huffington Post. She has delved deep in to the writers physic and analized the relationship from a fans perspective.  It is well thought through and does stand up.  See what you think to her outline of the seasons as a whole and how she sees the boys relationship and why they sometimes clash.

Which brings us to Benny, the latest bone of contention between the two. We know that Sam was a wreck after losing Dean yet again, that he felt lost and hopeless and utterly alone, likely burdened with guilt for failing to save his brother again, just as he failed to save him from his demonic deal and then failed to save him from Hell itself. To have Dean point out that Benny has never failed him the way Sam has must cut to the very root of Sam’s insecurities — that he first failed to live up to John’s expectations and now has failed to live up to Dean’s. Mentally, the younger Winchester has been barely holding on by a thread for the past few seasons, and I can understand his instinct to be defensive when faced with the enormity of his “failure” (or at least what he believes Dean sees as his failure).

I think this is why Sam resents Benny, and Sam feels he’s failed Dean as Benny makes him feel insecure.  Does Sam see Benny as a threat perhaps? Can he see Dean leaving him for Benny? I can understand Sam much more, and see for once from his point of view.  These boys are grown men, and they should be able to fess up and man up.  They both need love, and they both need to come to their senses.  Sam I can now see why he rebelled against John and why he walked away from the family business. I can also see why Dean is mad with Sam.  Does Dean see Sam as a failure though, do we understand this about Sam? Has Sam really opened up to Dean about how he feels.  Have we ever seen Sam own up to whats really going on?

Do you have any thoughts on this article and where you think this relationship might be heading.  What is on the cards for the boys? Is Laura right about Jeremy understanding the boys, and knowing how to write them.

Aunty Bella would love to know your thoughts.  Give me some feed-back guys. 


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