Do we see a mirror image of season 4 happening?

Sam and Ruby and a demon situation .....
Sam and Ruby and a demon situation …..

Think back to season 4 Sam with Ruby. One gray area that broke the camels back the core of the brothers relationship. Trust was a huge issue for Dean with his brother Sam deserting him and walking off with a demon the type of creature they hunt night and day.  Was this odd behavior back then, was it right that Sam walked away from Dean. Okay a little tiff one might think. Relationships all have their ups and downs, what’s so special about this one. Why at the time was Dean fuming and so mad with Sam that it for a while shattered what respect they had for each other. We thought back then it might have been a younger sibling thing, Sam wanting his distance from Dean to be able to stand on his own two feet.  Did Sam feel suffocated being around Dean at the time, we don’t no but seeing it from Sam’s view point why did he actually walk away from Dean to go with Ruby?

This week that role has reversed. I can see the mirror shining back at me. I can see a reflection that mimics all around Sam and Ruby season 4.  Now flip that coin. Are Sam’s thoughts magnified so much that he’s seeing red over this.  That he is shouting back at Dean and Dean isn’t translating what Sam is shouting back at him. Is Dean acting out of character. Is Sam glaringly right to have a whine at his own brother. You bellowed at me for doing exactly what you are doing, so its okay for you to do it, but not for me.  Did Sam give Dean the chance to let him have it out with his buddy, yes. Sam did all the right moves. I would expect nothing less.  Why is Dean giving Sam a hard time over this, can’t Dean see what effect this is having on his brother.  Come on Dean, open your eyes and see what your up to.

Dean having a chat with Benny .....
Dean having a chat with Benny …..

What do you all think, was Sam right to call the shots? Is he 100% right in bringing his brother to task over what Dean bailed him out on years ago.  Are these boys ever going to resolve their differences and be normal again. Will this current situation only make matters worse for the boys in the long run?

Aunty Bella would love to know what you think, does Sam v Ruby compare to Dean v Benny. Are the writers playing with fire, do they really no what will happen causing angst between them never ends well. Come on one and all let me in on your thoughts.


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