Do we think this season is living up to our expectations?

What are these two actually thinking?

On IMDB I put up a thread, rank the episodes so far, I must admit I was rather miffed to find fans were ranking it low.  So by this response am I to assume Jeremy is not performing as well as we had initially hoped.  Has this soap opera image gone to far. Has it really crossed the line on a horror show to the point were fans are expressing their hate for it. I wouldn’t mind so much if Amelia was likable.   She has zero chemistry with Sam, and the least type of woman I would have expect him to have gone with.  Okay what do they actually have in common to spark off this relationship. He hits a dog, takes it to the vets and she is snotty on that first encounter demanding that Sam should take responsibility of the dog, do Vets normally take the moral high ground and thrust it down the persons throat.  Did she get your backs up with to start.  I can’t imagine a vet would act in this manner towards another human being.  She was cold from that first encounter. What was there really to like about her.  May be you have other opinions about Amelia do share. May be you can persuade me to at least show some feeling towards her, but at the moment I can’t warm to her. At first I thought I am not going to judge her, I am going to give her the benefit of the doubt, I am not going to jump on her the first moment I get.  But 9 episodes down the line, this had rapidly changed my opinion. Why was Sam so taken with her, why was he so obsessed with her, and ready to settle down at the first opportunity?

I am finding it hard to make up for Sam’s actions this season, I am not sure what the writers are trying to do, and what image they are forcing on Sam.  I can’t tolerate what he did in that last episode as it upset me a lot.  Is love clouding his judgement that he would nick Martin’s car and leave the poor guy stranded. Was it because he hit his brother over the head, I don’t know may someone can explain.  I hate his temper at the moment, I know he’s always been the same even in the past with John he’s been erratic, but its as though he’s been written completely differently.  Sam is really taking this break-up badly to the extreme that he’s not thinking things through properly.  Its as if he’s picking for a fight.

Can I excuse what Dean did. I can see why he tampered with that phone, at first I thought it was nasty but the more I have read peoples views I can see he wanted his brother off the scent and not be killed and to save Benny. Was it sneaky I’m not sure. Was it a distraction to pull Sam off the job. What tactics are the writers trying to pull. Are they deliberately swaying the boys off each other. Are they causing angst again for the pure hell of it. The relationship is being bought down, the love the fans have for this relationship is being stretched there is no doubt about it.  How far do these writers have to push these boys off the radar, before they come back together at a mutual convenient point in their lives, only to be thrown apart again.  Are we tired of these situations. Is Amelia the answer, are the boys going to be separated permanently, I don’t know. I can’t predict that knowledge. I can only assume, like the rest of us. But if I were the writer I would do this totally differently.  Do we always want the boys on tender hooks all the time. What has happened to those brotherly moments this season.  Do we yearn for them to be united and reading from the same page, yes I guess I do.

How do you feel about this season so far, is Jeremy living up to your expectations. What has been your favorite episode and least favorite of the season. Aunty Bella would love to know.  Come on guys talk to me.


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