How would we really feel about ……………

Amelia and a baby taking residence in the back seat of the IMPALA? shakes head noooooo —

Begs the question……..  If this latest story of a pregnancy hits this show, I dread to think what fans will think. Is Naomi really planning a Winchester dynasty without anyone around them understanding what could be going on.  I can’t believe how powerful these angels are if they are implanting Amelia into Sam’s life and forming a pregnancy.  If Sam of course is the father. It may turn out that Don could even be the daddy. This may open up a whole new can of worms. Has Amelia been seeing both Sam and Don.  How can Amelia prove that Sam is the babies father. I have also got to pose this question? how will Dean react if this turns out to be true. Will Dean let Sam stay and be a father, and go his separate way. Or will it turn out that Sam might not have to stay if he isn’t the father.  Boy, either way this will turn out to be a nightmare.   The flashbacks were bad enough, but imagine living with this full-time as is?

If down the line Sam departs from the hunt, could this be the reason he quits and walks away.  Do we think Sam might come back.  He is obviously hurt over the break-up, but why would Amelia come back …. unless!  The word Pregnancy has never been uttered before on this show, so how would we really take this new if it did hit home and Sam was a father.  Would this destroy the make-up of the show, and the brotherly bond. How can we feel about our boys in the same way again if she is pregnant. Will this put even more strain on the relationship which they don’t really need.  I could never see her fitting into the core what the boys do, she has no imagination or feel for what Sam does. So how will it ever work out.

Bella thinks it would be interesting to find out how you really feel about this possible revelation, and that the next generation of Winchesters could be on the horizon.  Do we really want to see a family in the back seat of the Impala?


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