The word ‘PERCEPTION’ this season – What do we think it actually means?

Insight, Acuity, Awareness, Discernment, Observation, Sensitivity

 Reading, View, Opinion, Picture, Take on, Slant, Assessment, Experience

After checking my ever faithful Thesaurus I often think what words mean and conjure up what I am feeling about this word perception. This is the big, big feel of the season. So what is this word meaning for you literally.  So as we have been informed by Mr Carver, that his take on this word is ‘All is not as it seems’. So with this observation do we take a different slant on everything we see on screen. Do we view the scene differently the second time, than we may have done the first time on viewing.  Everyone’s opinion also alters, and we see a very different picture from someone else’s.

This word is very magical in its entirety. Names and roles throughout the history of the show are also very similar. This is also an observation and an opinion that can alter from person to person.  How do you think the season will pan out, if we are to believe what we see on screen to be true that it did actually happen the way we were shown and observed ourselves.  Are our minds being that distorted that we don’t no what to think about the whole set up.  Are we being mislead without really noticing it?

Come on guys let us all in on how your feeling about this word perception Aunty Bella would love to no. Drop by and leave a comment.


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