Sam’s phone message – was Dean right?

Some fans say yes, and some say no. How do you feel this story line unfolded?

Was Dean right to tamper with his brothers phone to throw him off the scent of the hunt? Was Dean doing a brotherly thing in saving his brother? Or was he preventing his brother from icing as ‘Sam’ called it his friend?

I am really on the fence about this one. Was it on Dean’s part a cruel act, or a genuine one, that he was sincere. I think it was possibly a mixture of both. He cares for his brother, and also his friend.  Others may shed light on how they felt about this act and how it came across to them? Dean new how Sam felt about Amelia, and just wondered what his end game really was. Was it just a cruel trick to lure Sam out of the way, or was it just face value, his brothers life was in the back of his mind all along, and got him and Benny out of harms way, knowing one or both would be hurt or killed?

I wanted to learn how Dean actually tampered with Sam’s phone as I thought there was more than one phone incident.    He would have taken Sam’s phone and got into the phones wirings or would it just be so simple as to send a text message via Sam’s own phone.  Help? This is probably so simple but has confused me.

I am still puzzled! Is Dean still having trust issues with Sam. All these years later? Does he still recent Sam going off with Ruby, or is this deeper than we are lead to believe? What is really still lying under the surface with these two boys that hasn’t been fully explained. Why is Dean still so sneaky, anyone have an answer.

Aunty Bella would love again to know what you are all thinking on this subject, have a read and post away ….

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, come back soon!

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