Since its Hiatus time again …………

What question would you like to ask if you had the chance?

What question would you like to ask if you had the chance?

I will put this to the vote. First time for everything. What would you like to talk about during the hiatus. If there is anything topical about the show it doesn’t have to be current could be a past issue that you would like to raise.  Viewing figures are very low at present as the show is on holiday. I thought it would have been the reverse, as people enjoy being active and look around the net for something different.  May be those people might come here.  So now’s your chance to get stuff off your chest. If there is anything you would like to bring to others attentions, which might be annoying you that you can’t get your head around. Just leave a comment, and let this blog roll.  It could do with some action as the blog which I am now naming ‘babe’ after the Impala would like some company, she is becoming rather lonely.  Newbies, and lurkers from any country out there are very welcome to stop by.

Come on guys, don’t be shy. Surprise Aunty Bella with a topic. This is your platform to shout it from the roof tops. Why do you love this show, perhaps, who is your favorite character, why do you love them.  Share anything with us as we are open house here, and love a challenge.


Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, come back soon!

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