The Winchester Bloodline?

Is this photo as idyllic as we always imagined it was?
Is this photo as idyllic as we always imagined it was?


Over on IMDB a thread titled May be Dean isn’t a Winchester? Could this time travel ‘Out of Time’ episode next year hold a lot of information about the boys that they don’t already no. Could Dean or Sam be half brothers or perhaps with the thought not even be brothers.  I remember myself a few months back putting up a similar thread what if Sam and Dean were not brothers would the show actually work? But in their fictional world, dread the thought that Dean might not be a Winchester would be a horrible, unthinkable thought. But the question has been raised.  What would we all actually think if Sam and Dean were not blood related.  Or in fact Sam was the outcast and Dean and Adam were brothers after all.  This would open up a whole new can of worms, do we not think people? Why did the angels in fact chose Adam to be Michael’s vessel at the last minute? Was there a plan B all along. Was it just simply that Dean wasn’t prepared to say yes, that they bought in Adam. Or did they never intend to use Dean.  Was it a deliberate change of path that lead to Adam being the twist in the vessel saga? Could there be more to this twist than first met the eye?

By the writers admission, Sam is wanting a way back into hunting and is this Carver’s way of introducing him back into the game.  Facts about his own bloodline that either brother didn’t no about.  Would this be the trick up Carvers sleeve to push Sam and Dean back together. The episode will revolve around John’s side of the family, so these findings could be worth thinking about in more detail.  Why would the writers include an episode about the Winchester bloodline if there was no evidence to write about.  They must be working out loose ends, and salvaging something from Adam and Dean? Could there be a real dramatic twist in store, would this be why the brothers don’t necessarily look like each other.  I often thought Dean looked like Mary, and Sam was like his Dad. But I often thought Dean and Adam were very close in looks.  This would spring up doubts in my own mind, that this bloodline might not be what it seemed.  Is this perception rearing its ugly head again, making us think of  what if’s……..

How would you feel if the brothers were not related. Or even half related. Would this change how you feel about the show.  The make-up of the boys existence , would change in our own eyes completely.  Could we perhaps see the core of John and Mary not being so romantically involved as we were always lead to believe, was John a real womanizer? Or did Mary have other idea’s. Was she as faithful.

Bella would love to know how you feel about this iffy subject. What are your own thoughts about the Winchester blood-line.  Do you think this is too complex for our writers to think up. Would this be the biggest shock of the whole seasons?


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