Why does Sam not want to HUNT any longer?

Another thread over on IMDB has sparked my imagination to throw this thought out to you guys. Sam since day one has never wanted to be apart of the family tradition and be a long term hunter. The question is as always why? Why has this never really been bought up on the show. Several times now Sam has vowed to not come back into the game and he always does. This seems to be Sam’s arc again this season as once the gates of hell are closed, he’s off and he’s made it clear to Dean he’s not coming back. But will it as ever be this cut and dried? Is it because of Dean he wants out; Is it because of Amelia he wants out, Is it because he’s just simply had enough of hunting and its never interested him, Or is their something else?

Dean has been different when Sam was in hell, Dean did get a proper construction job in Exile on Main Street but he still dabbled in the hunt, because it was all he knew. It was who he was. But is it really who Sam is?  Is Sam this driven that he continuously wants out and not be apart of whom Dean clearly is a hunter through and through. Sam is a good hunter, but why does he hate it so much. What is destroying his life-style that he doesn’t want to be apart of it.  What has turned his thoughts so sour about the hunting life?

Is this the shows real premise, that one brother is a hunter and the other isn’t? Could Sam really give up the game for good. Why did he never really want to be a hunter, was it just to rebel against John, did he always secretly enjoy the hunt as he is good at his craft? I hope Dean isn’t the only real reason he wants to get out of the game. Did Jess have something to do with his drive to push himself and stay around.

Aunty Bella would love to know what you think about how Sam really feels about hunting, and what his intentions have always been.


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