Who’s your favorite character.

Supernatural cast members past and present ………….


Many a time we’ve had discussions on IMDB but just wondered with you all here who do you really love, who do you relate too. What part of this character do you really want to get to know and understand.  Do you analize them and take them apart piece by piece.  I have my own preferences as I am a lover of both brothers but lean toward Sam, as I related to him more.  I am a younger sibling six years younger in fact than my own brother.  We also talked about this that there could be a connection why you like Sam because you yourself might be a younger sibling, or an elder sibling if you like Dean.  Do you share this feeling that there could be a sibling connection why you are attracted to that character much more than the other.

Some other cast members I love much more than others, I seem to get their persona much more and relate to that cast member so much more.  Some I don’t find this bond with, and for reasons which are really unknown to me, I could never warm to Bobby. Some might explain this to me.  I don’t no why but it wasn’t until Deaths Door, I sympathized with Bobby and opened up to his persona a lot more.  Whether I saw him as a replacement for John I don’t know. But I adored John Winchester as a character and miss him.  The boys are who they are partly because of John and Mary.  Yet again Mary was another whom It took a while to warm too.  Yet young Mary I could grasp but not Samantha Smith later version.

Who do you really relate to, and admire in a character and what attracts you towards that character.  Is there more than one character you have a job deciding who your favorite really is? Or do they all neatly tie up into a big bow, without a second thought.

Aunty Bella would love to know your thoughts on the shows cast, past and present. Have fun with this thread and enjoy.


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