What if Jared had played Dean and Jensen played Sam?

What if the roles had been reversed?

I have thought about this for years, and now have that chance to throw this thought out there.  Jensen originally was heard first and went to play the part of Sam, and Jared also went to play for the part of Sam.  So what deliberation the casting directors had to pick the right applicant for that role.  We no well I hope most of us do that when both Jared and Jensen went to audition for the role there was no one else applying for the role. It was already partly mapped out.  So How did Jensen feel about being turned down for the part of Sam, the person he I presume really wanted to play.  I would loved to have known why he so desperately wanted that role.  I do feel sometimes they have got the casting wrong. I think Dean’s personality sometimes would have been superb as Sam.  I could see Dean being the more rebellious character out of the two brothers. How about you? Did the casting directors get the job right.  I always saw Jared as the less rebellious person out of the two.  I could see Dean doing the opposite of what his father told him to do.  But would Jared have performed Dean as the obedient son who never stepped out of line.

I couldn’t see Jared going dark, but I could almost see Dean go that way.  I wonder how it would have worked out.  As I related to the boys in relation to Luke Skywalker and Han Solo who Kripke based the boys on.  So with that theory, were the casting directors right in their choosing.    Luke Skywalker was the softer character and Solo was the all guns blazing type of guy who stood no quibbles. Both these boys are flawed too, and can see a strong resemblance.  Kripke’s love of that film spurred him on to write these two brothers. How do we feel about each of the boys in their respective roles, and if these roles were reversed. Could there be any difference in the way we perceive that character and would we look at them any differently.  Having said that I love their chemistry either way, so as time has gone by has this altered my own perception of the casting. I would still liked to have seen Dean perform certain parts of Sam.  Particularly the demon blood saga to see if it would have come across any differently.

How do you really feel about the casting, do you think any differently now to how you did during those early days of the show.  Aunty Bella would love to no. You guys never disappoint me, so I hope this question really gets some creative juices a flowing.

3 thoughts on “What if Jared had played Dean and Jensen played Sam?

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  1. I don’t think Jensen was “desperate” to play Sam. It was a role which he went to audition for and he did it – very well since Kripke has said that when he saw him, he said “That’s Sam”. But Jensen also said that while reading for Sam he also wanted to read for Dean since he liked the sound of Dean.

    Personally I can’t really imagine anyone else as Dean Winchester since that was a character which – in anyone else’s hands – would have turned out very differently. Just look at Brock Kelly – while I am sure he is a good actor – he could not bring out the layers that Jensen brings out so beautifully and his Dean was a bit of a jerk which is why I for one hated that episode.

    As far as I am concerned, the casting is perfect and I would not want it any other way.


    1. With different casting the off screen friendship to 2 texan boys would not have been reflected in the characters. It was destiny. Or free will since neither had to audition since they both had been in series and movies and working right along


      1. I think it was always destiny that they both went in for that role. It was so strange that no one else had auditioned for either role. Until later finding out that Travis Aaron Wade (Cole) went for the role of Dean too. Why didn’t they use Cole sooner?


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