Benny – Is he to be trusted or not?

I seem to be picking up mixed messages from around the net, saying the tide has turned that some fans are not convinced that Benny is whom he seems.  I began to question Sam’s actions from his first encounter with Benny, and thought long and hard about those actions.  As a fan of Sam’s I began to look at why he seemed so off with Benny, why he was so cautious and off handed with someone he had only been introduced to by his brother in mere seconds of meeting.  I did at first think that Sam had met Benny with out Dean’s knowledge, may be encountering the alpha vamp, but now those thoughts seem a distant memory and fading fast.

Sam’s judgment fueled him on first eye contact, he was ready to knife Benny without a second thought.  Why was this encounter for Sam so all guns blazing. When usually Sam’s first approach is to talk to the monster. Sam’s revenge for Benny was so cold, and full of anger that he almost couldn’t contain himself, he almost instantly there and then wanted to do the deed.  Nine episodes down the line his anger toward him still remains solid. So by this gut feeling from that first cold encounter on the jetty, I tended to side with Sam that Benny wasn’t to be trusted, full stop. Was Sam’s theory ligament? Did he have a firm concrete reason to end Benny?

I did feel for Benny, thinking wait a minute Sam, he stood by your brother and saved his life plenty of times yet why do you not give me the benefit of the doubt, and give him a chance. How did Dean feel, when he had an idea that Sam wasn’t happy bringing home a vampire. A year was a long time to spend with someone, to get to know and understand that person fully. Dean trusted Benny with his life, and his back. Dean owed Benny so much.

Can I trust Benny, is this character worthy of our trust, that he can do so much good toward one brother, and the other is ready to pounce on him the first chance he gets. I can see both sides, but I am tending this time was Sam in or out of line toward Benny? I can see why Sam has taken a strong dislike to Benny, and is annoyed with Dean for putting so much trust in this guy. But did Dean not sense Sam would feel this way bringing home a monster, no matter how many times he’d saved Dean. Sam’s view point looked tense and I could see why he was fuming and why he went off at the deep end. But alas I can see both Dean and Benny’s plight the respect that they secured with one another.  I wonder if Benny had realized his meeting with Sam would cause this much distress, and angst between the brothers and what devastation his presence would bring. Had his appearance pushed Sam to breaking point and further away from his own brothers love and respect. Perhaps this is why I am having trouble trusting Benny. Does Sam feel threatened toward Benny and perhaps taking Dean’s place in his affections.

Bella on this Christmas eve, would love to know your thoughts on this crazy vampire and what the rest of his life might have in store for the boys. Do you trust him, do you see him as a threat to the boys relationship or do you find him totally the opposite.  Come on guys, have a flashback and think of Benny!!


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