Are secrets healthy?

Tension has been through the heart of this show since its early roots. It has been a force of anger and evil never ending well. Why do the boys keep doing it, when they know they will never agree. Why more importantly do the writers keeping forcing this issue, and not let the brothers bond without a disagreement. They never seem to learn from their mistakes, and even though they are older perhaps they are lying less or we don’t see the reproductions as often. Either way is it healthy to hold back on a secret just to avoid confrontation. The boys clearly love one another, so why do they peruse this business of keeping secrets. As siblings we often ourselves no we keep secrets to protect our loved ones, and I can see to a point the boys working on this theory. But what is gained from continuously holding back on the truth.

Secrets also seem to linger, once the truth does eventually appear out in the open. As Dean has kept those feelings about Sam for a long time. I can see why Sam did what he did, but as looking from Dean’s perspective I would also see why Dean was the way he was toward Sam during Season 4. Dean has also kept secrets, Amy being possibly his biggest downfall which didn’t end well. So obviously there are other incidents throughout the eight years where secrets have caused hurt and misery.

On the other side of this coin why do we actually lie? because we think our partner might disapprove, retaliate and rebel with what you are doing. Whether you think your intentions might be honourable or not. As the liar do we know what we are doing is wrong and cover up those errors to ease our own consciences and our loved ones. We no deep down its wrong to lie, even a white lie is bad enough. So are those decisions worth covering up in the long run, when you no fine well it will all come out in the wash eventually.

How do you feel about the brothers continuously lying, do you think they learn from their past mistakes, and may be bond better because of learning from those past mistakes. Do you think the brothers tend to bottle things up and not let the other no how they are really feeling. I think living together 24/7 must take its strain, they are bound to get on each other’s nerves it’s only natural. But the lies they’ve told have been pretty hurtful and damaging. How will they ever overcome stuff this deep, if they don’t open up. More importantly to me as a viewer, why do the writers keep pulling the boys apart, just to bring them back together. Is entertainment value always about bickering and tension. Can we see a season where they sing from the same hymn sheet.

Let us all in on how you really feel about secrets. Do they ever end well, Aunty Bella would love to know.




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