I think we’d better open that bubbly?

This blog today guys has had its best viewing figures ever!. My viewing figures have gone through the roof. My best ever view for weeks has been 124 hits in one day. Even with half an hour to go we have scored a massive 136 views. Many views to the good old US, so hugs to you over the pond. The UK close second, I think my friends are watching over me. I am jumping up and down. IMDB has give me the most hits in reaching 55 views. Search engines are coming up close behind. So more people are looking in and viewing the posts. Boxing Day has been a memorable one for me, so hugs all round.

Well done all of you for supporting me in this road trip. You have given my posts some great answers.  Keep it going and lets beat 136 views soon this feels so good. Do stop by and post when you find the time, we are a friendly group and would love to meet you too.

Lots of love from Aunty Bella. xx

Additional late edit: 11.50pm UK time record viewing figures reaching 145 views, and counting.


Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, come back soon!

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