What episode of Supernatural would you like to write?

Eight years down the line is a tall order for any show. As fans I hope I’m not alone in thinking about what episode I would love to write myself if given the chance. I love to write, and have never had that experience of being a professional writer.  I admire those guys who do write for a living, what fun. I wonder if the writers of Supernatural are fans themselves. Do we think they do a good job looking outside in. Could we sometimes do a better job ourselves. Plot holes have been a big issue and long drawn out plots just to fill a season have been a butt bearer too. On the whole I still wouldn’t have this show any other way.

Sometimes are imagination runs riot in our own minds, and creativity flows in abundance, other times we draw a blank as writers. It can be a slow burner or a continuous seamless flow.  Blogging has given me a buzz as I have control of my own domain, and appeal to the masses out there. What makes me tick as regards this show? If I were to be honesty the blood and core, is one less appealing factor. The relationship drew me in, the closeness of two brothers which developed into something rather special. Do I think the writers now understand this relationship? My answer is sometimes. I don’t think they make the best of it. We briefly capture a few seconds at the end of each episodes when they sit down and have a heart to heart. I don’t want a soap opera style episode 24/7 but occasionally a real tender 20 minutes would be enough to refuel those urges. I want them to get them back on track, and at least man up to their own problems and iron out any insecurities.

So here is the question I am putting to you all this morning, what episode would you put pen to paper too if you were assigned to an episode of Supernatural?  How would you outline those 42 minutes of shear heaven. Think of the monster of the week the boys will investigate, think about the plot holes, and loose ends. More importantly those brotherly moments. What would spark your imagination for a great episode?

Aunty Bella would love to know your own plot for a unique Supernatural episode….

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, come back soon!

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