The angels power of manipulation?

My thread previously gave me inspiration for today’s discussion. I have always been intrigued by the angels and the power they contain as supernatural beings. How they use their power, how they generate their power over other people. How controlling they actually are with other people? What fascination they have with humans.

I think back to season 4 and how the angels manipulated the boys memories to cause friction of the highest order. To find the worst memory they possibly could, to cause as much stress as possible to fuel a wedge between the boys. It was painful to watch, how a memory can be so distorted and unhappy that it would wreck the person closest to us.  Dean’s mobile phone message to Sam, the angels deliberately manipulated Dean’s words to force the boys apart. We have seen the level of destruction these beings can cause. Even with the trickster during Season 3 the level of pain he would cause Sam and the upset of living without Dean for 6 months, and what levels Sam went to, to bring Dean back, and how it changed Sam’s personality. What games one angel could cause, never mind a whole garrison.

So on the flip side of this question is what are the angels fascination with the Winchester family. Do we really understand these angelic creatures of god. Do we really get them and what their purpose actually is? Why do they walk among us? Sam and Dean have been a pawn in these creatures lives for so long. Could  the boys possibly be part of the angel existence too, and they don’t know it. Is there something more important than just being vessels? Is this why the angels are so fascinated with the Winchester bloodline.  Why in particular were John and Mary forced together to produce Sam and Dean? Where the boys lives mapped out many, many years before.  Why has Sam suddenly been written into a relationship with a woman. Do we think a baby is on the horizon, is this manipulation a possibility that the angels are up to their old tricks again?

These are powerful creatures, intent on causing the boys suffering, we have witnessed this on many occasion including a whole role, upside down change for Sam and Dean in It’s a terrible life’. So how powerful are they really? Will the boys ever be free of the Angels? Will they ever have an easy life? Without a supernatural force causing havoc? Angels in existence are always lead to believe to be the force for good, but on this show they are tarnished creatures out for their own gain. They rebel at the first opportunity to cause friction the highest possible.  So why haven’t the boys worked out that the angels are back in their lives again?

So what Aunty Bella would love to know is; how do you really feel about the angels. Are they evil through and through, is their a decent bone in their body? Are they so corrupt they don’t no any different. Is Castiel the only sane angel in camp? Even he’s been distorted. So come on folks, what power do the angels really have at their disposal. What could be the reason for causing the brothers so much upset and disharmony. Drop me a line would love to know your views……..


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