Do we think the boys drink a lot?

A post over on IMDB struck a point for today’s discussion on this New Year’s eve. Seems an appropriate topic, me thinks.  We have over there talked in length many a time about Dean‘s unhealthy appetite for drink. A beer or a good old tumbler of whiskey. I often think about them getting into a car and driving. Have they ever been stopped and breathalyzed? I don’t recall perhaps one of you may enlighten me. I worry, not as much as I used to that Dean does drink way more than he should. Sam also seems a heavy drinker of late, just an observation.

A popular motel drinking moment.
A popular motel drinking moment.

So my thought for today is, why do they drink? why do they like to consume booze. Is it to feel high or something a bit more sinister. Do they drink to block out their own misery and numb the pain of something they don’t care to think about. I can imagine both boys have a reason to drink, I think anyone in their shoes, would do! I doubt its really a topic to debate which brother drinks more, but the debatable question seems more important, why do they? I don’t think that there is, a days goes by that they don’t stop for a drink on the road side for a break and open a bottle of beer. Then they settle down in the motel room at night and pop open another two may be three bottles of an evening. We think they may consume much more. But the wages they are currently on, I doubt their standard of living would accommodate the amount they would like to consume.  So if they had a healthy sum of money coming in, would they actually drink more, and more often?

Dean reliving his hell memories did he drink to cover up a mounting problem?
Dean reliving his hell memories did he drink to cover up a mounting problem?

So for these boys is alcohol a real issue. Would they need to attend an AA meeting for example. Would they consider they had an addiction to this stimulating drug.  Bella would love to know your views on their drinking habits, and if you think they have a serious problem, still. Have the writers really addressed this, or are they likely to in the future?

Whilst its New Year’s Eve, a special warm message to all my regulars, and lurkers I wish you a very ‘Happy New Year‘ and a very ‘prosperous’ 2013. Thank you all for stopping by and contributing, its so far been a great road trip. Keep up the good work.  Lets raise a glass to Jared/Sam and Jensen/Dean and the crew we wouldn’t be here otherwise.

2 thoughts on “Do we think the boys drink a lot?

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  1. During wars people drink.

    Churchill started hard liquor after breakfast, before dinner, after dinner, at supper, had after dinner drinks, a toddy at bedtime.

    Fictional folks in war: On MASH Hawk-Eye drunk enough to weave to surgery.

    For fashion as in Prohibition when you were told NO LIQUOR FOR YOU BUD!

    Our brothers deal with Horror in naked form. No wonder they drink! Just think that for real. Haunted houses drive combat vets running out the front door in stark terror!

    Thank goodness for Cas Angel Sure Cure for Pickled Liver Medical Liverpills. As Dean and Bobby say, “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.”


    1. Its very true as a fact, no wonder the brothers do drink when you think of what they actually go through day after day. Yet when you think how much more Dean drinks than Sam. You don’t very often see Sam drink the hard stuff like Dean clearly does. Sam tends to drink beer more.

      B xxx


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