How do we see a Vilan?

One character I really do miss, is Azazel. There was something about his demeanor which fascinated me. I think what pain and aggravation he caused the boys, in particular, Sam. Crowley and Lucifer possibly follow close behind. This show has had its fair share of nasty and unsavory characters. But how do we actually visualize a bad boy/girl to be?  Someone who  inflicts pain, who tortures for kicks and eventually kills someone. Is this really an evil person. The boys have done in a few baddies during their lives, and the thrilling death I guess was Azazel’s demise. John coming back from the dead, and helping their sons when they needed him the most.  It was a job to them well done, a battle which they defeated head on in extreme circumstances.

Oh how I miss this guy?
Oh how I miss this guy?

The bad guy seems to be the premise of most a television show. But what really fascinates us about the big bad guy? why do we continue to watch the dirty tricks they perform on our favorite characters. Why is it they’ve always got a hidden agenda up their sleeves. Crowley is the master of evil, how he manages to get the best out of his victims is unbearable to watch. The violence in which he stoops is terrible. He gets away with it time after time. Is this why he’s been cast as King of Hell‘. Does this title actually suit him, or could another title be more fitting?

What it is to be the King of Hell .....
What it is to be the King of Hell …..

Lucifer is an awesome bad guy, how he got into Sam’s physic and delivered pain beyond belief into Sam’s mind day after day, night after night. He had incredible  power at his disposal to cause Sam as much distress was humanly possible, and it worked. Sam broke down from the sheer mind torture from the devil himself. Sam also suffered terribly at the hands of Azazel, so has Sam had his fair share of monster torture?

What was it like for Sam to have the devil in his head?
What was it like for Sam to have the devil in his head?

So these have been my favorite bad guys! Your choice may be totally different. Would be fun to here your choices. Bella would love to know how you see or interpret the vilan? Are vilan’s much more interesting to watch?  Do they carry so much more weight in a show because they can attract our attention spans? Is there more than one type of vilan? Do I see the total nut job, whom is totally evil, or perhaps the vilan whom simply wants revenge for what someone did to them? Or does the bad guy go deeper. Do we really understand the bad guy, and what lengths they would go to, to get their job done?

Bella would love to know your views about the vilan come on guys, New year’ New day say what your thinking, and drop me a line …..


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