In The Supernatural Writers Room?

Late additional EDIT. This post has had 38 replies the most replies since this blog has been running since the 9th of October 2012. Thanks for the continuing support guys, its important to me … Love you all, Bella.

In the writers room they must discuss stories  where they have a beginning a middle and an end. They discuss their main characters and suggest they need a plot for Dean and a plot for Sam. I would also assume that there is a case which requires a plot, research and discussion. The boys also require additional material as they are on screen a lot together. Not that I have ever sat in a writers room, but I can imagine what may well go down. The writers new where to start they had a history behind them with Dean now in Purgatory we no they new that much.  So I guess that’s where Sam’s story’s seeds were sewn. I guess a relationship isn’t the most ideal choice they could have made. But do we no of another option they could have taken, perhaps?

We have mentioned previously on this blog how we all wanted Sam to save his brother and get him out of Purgatory. Did the writers believe this choice of direction was far too obvious? Did they go off in a deliberate direction to fool us? Is this what we were all really expecting, and what we eventually saw was Amelia? Horrified. Yes it seems a majority of this fan base they loath her. So my thought for today is could the writers have may taken a third or even fourth path to satisfy us fans. Do we think another route is better than the one we see before us already. Hindsight is a wonderful tool, I have always said this. Looking back we no deep in our hearts, it was the wrong move. It was wrong because this is a horror show, and a relationship doesn’t really bowed well in this type of genre. The chemistry has also been another valid issue, between the pair of actors. So is this down to the writing team? has this been executed as well as it could have been? When we get down to the nitty gritty.

Purgatory has been pushed aside to make way it seems for this relationship to continue.  So on more than one sound point we are not happy, and for the second point we are also very unhappy. So if you were professional writers in a team of people how would you have handled season 8 so far? How would you have planned out the season taking in to consideration the pointers I’ve laid out before you above. Do you think you could do any better? Or perhaps you think the plotting and pacing is superb.

So Aunty Bella would enjoy understanding do you really get our writing team. What are its best and worst features as a whole. Room for improvement or are they so sound you can’t find a single fault. Come on as ever guys drop Bella a good old line. We would also love to encourage you to debate here too.  We would love to welcome new posters wouldn’t we gang! Don’t be shy just click the comment post and reply to us.


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