Could Sam be Sam?

I no I have flogged this horse to death, but a thought struck me in bed last night, and I wrote some thoughts down as I often do. So much is resting now on Samelia that this current story line is god damn awful crap, and we can’t all stand it much longer. Also regurgitating old story lines from its past, with Dean and Lisa are unpopular topics this season. Which both seem to have a familiar pattern running through its veins. I so do not want this relationship to be taken literally at face value. So this thought that struck me. Could Naomi in fact have taken Sam, abducted him and replaced him with a clone copy. Could this be the reason why Sam has been so out of character, and so messed up about his life, not knowing how he really feels about certain stuff, and his lack connection with Amelia. To me this could answer why Sam never looked for Dean, Kevin and the sudden lack of emotion toward his mobile phones which were a big part of  his role in life, and a big connection with his outside world. This cloned Sam could also be mirroring soulless Sam, as I am seeing so many similarities of how Sam is behaving this season, what he did, when without his soul.

Could Sam be Sam?

Does this look like the real SAM to you!

I am banking a hell of a lot on this new breed of angel. But I think they are more than capable of pulling this stunt off. We have seen other facets of Sam in the past, such as soulless Sam, Samifer, tortured Sam and evil Sam why would a cloned Sam not be feasible? Would you be happier with this explanation if this turned out to be the case ‘what is up with Sam’? I no many fans will see this as another what’s wrong with Sam again, but it would be a bit creative, and I could get my head around this thought of a cloned Sam! But then points against, why would Naomi kidnap Sam and keep him hostage. What would a cloned Sam in Sam’s real world do for Naomi, what would be his purpose? This is where my theory runs dry? perhaps my regulars might have an answer! Could the writers pull this off, is it in their remit? I also remember Skin from Season one a cloned Dean? Could this be Sam’s turn? Also Slash Fiction season 7 saw the Leviathan turn into Sam and Dean, could this be an indication as to Sam not really being Sam and perception showing up again?

Could Sam be Sam?

Could this be what has happened to Sam, he’s been cloned again?

Bella would love to know how you would feel about our Sam being cloned, and also would it answer a lot of unanswered questions which haven’t yet been answered. But what has Naomi done with real Sammy? What advantage would she have by actually taking away the real Sam and replacing him with another version? How long has Sam been undercover without Dean knowing its not really been Sam.


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