How do we no when an actor is OFF?

I have heard this terminology banded about just lately and thought I put it out to you guys. Particularly around season 6 when Sam was soulless I have heard it since too that people are saying Jared and Jensen are off. I am no actor, and I must be thick, but never sense when an actor is as fans say ‘OFF’. I’m not an expert either. I was just curious, as some fans I no are actors and I don’t no if they have a sensory thing going on that they can feel it, and others can’t? Do you think this is the case, or are fans really that good in picking up on stuff as close as this. Why could the actors be off, is there more than one reason why their acting might be ‘OFF’. Because the writing might be deliberate, or they don’t no what to do with the script they are given? I have also picked up on vibes that they also have acting coaches come in on set, is this a good thing or not?

Bella would be interested in knowing your thoughts ….


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