Is a demon deal actually worth it?

I often think about this as it is an area which runs through the heart of the show, we have been touched by it at some point or another. We have felt for our boys, we have cried for our boys. We have lived their agony with the choices they had to go through to make that deal.

Season 1

Do we think they have learnt their lesson?

I first remember John Winchester making a deal for Dean, to save his sons life and let him live. What length as a father he went to, to save his own son. The agony when Dean later found out that his father sold his soul to save him, that he wanted nothing more than his father back with him. He even tried later to almost think about reversing that deal with another demon who tempted him.

Dean trapping demon

How was Dean really when he tried to talk to the demon?

Dean followed suit end of season 2 not really learning much from his fathers ordeal bargaining to bring back his own brother after being stabbed in the back by Jake in all Hell breaks loose. A desperate Dean agonized and tortured himself until he could see no other choice but to visit the crossroads demon and trade his life for his brothers just to have his brother by his side safe and well. Did he get a shock when the demon only gave him one year, when he had hoped for ten.  Bobby nearly killed him for doing such a deal, and reprimanding him  saying how will Sam feel if he finds out. Just like you did when your father did the same deal for you’ So Dean replies I’ll never tell him’. Sam does find out, and does everything he can to  stop history repeating itself.

Sam also tried to sell his soul to persuade the demons to trade his life for his brothers. In ‘I know what you did last summer’ and the demons refused as they had Dean right they wanted him, Dean’s destiny was in place. Sam went to pieces just as his brother did. Also we have Bela, how I felt for Bela. Abused by her father making a deal with a demon not really fully understanding those consequences and what a state she must have been in to have made that deal, was she in her right frame of mind. Then Dean left her to the hell hounds, was this harsh or did she really deserve it. Did Dean really understand Bela’s story? Or was he annoyed she’d got one over on him, and it was pay back time? There was also the guitar guy in Crossroads blues who wanted to do a deal to become the most famous guitarist.

So my thought for the day is, is a demon deal actually worth the risk. Would you if in their shoes perform such an operation, would your thoughts actually get you that far to actually do a deal with a demon? Would you no better? Do you think 10 years is actually worth a deal, your own life for what ever you bargain with that Demon? Do you believe the demon has the upper hand overall, has it got much more to bargain with?

Bella would love to know your thoughts on the above, come on guys don’t disappoint me. Let your feelings run riot. 


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