If you had the chance to invent a new character?

Sam, Dean, Cas and Bobby
Which character would you invent to team up with these guys?

Say if you entered a Supernatural competition and the prize was your character would be written on the show, and you would have full authority for that characters existence including the actor whom played them?

So my question today is a quick and simple one.  Being very inventive here would it be a supernatural monster or would it be someone related to the boys. A person they love, have shared life to the full with all the way along may be. Someone like Bobby, John or Mary. If you choose a character with little input like a cameo explain its a cameo. Be as creative as you want, and give a brief outline of their involvement a small plot brief. Imagine even the boys solving the case if you want. Weave this person or thing into the mix and name the actor who you would higher to play them, and why you have chosen this actor/actress?

Now’s your chance to show Aunty Bella what your made of. Research your past history, hell even make up a monster if you want to, come on guys put pen to paper, and fire away. Newbies welcome!

2 thoughts on “If you had the chance to invent a new character?

Add yours

  1. A new character would have to have chemistry with Dean like Anna, good hair like Sam, pack a punch and handle weaponry, understand hunters’ life. Oh, that’s sound too much like Krissy. I’ll think again. I would not want the character to be for an entire season, just long enough for Dean to finally rid himself of the guilt he carries from the torturing he did in Hell, so maybe one of those tortured souls gets into his life. his hunting, and then turns out that he/she deserved the torture that Dean inflicted- naw. Dean could never justify that he gave in to Alistair and that Dean enjoyed it because it quelled his anger. I would like the character to allow Dean to accept himself and forgive himself. I picked an antagonist for Dean and not Sam, because i think after Amelia and the cleansing, Sam might be okay who he is. Naw. Sam may have been changed on a subatomic level, but not go that far.Well, I also would like to see Dean hot and steamy for a change in all honesty and you know that this character will create angst as a 3rd wheel makes the relationship off kilter.
    Well the last time Dean got his kit off was in the amazon episode. And he ended up with a baby who grew so fast, it didn’t give her feet enough time to touch the ground. I think if as you say it involves someone from the past, it would mean something to the boys. I would like to see Dean talk with a person who he’s interacted with in the past. It would be cleansing for his soul, and help him heal deep wounds. He needs to be cleansed too, we seem to be getting tired with its all about Sam, so that would make a change. I so wanted Dean to meet his allies in purgatory and that never came to anything. So I doubt if these dreams will either. 😦

    Haven’t we been there before? Thinking that the writers should concentrate on the myth arc and weave back in our familiar players instead of new ones who last more than one or 2 episodes,
    The writers have given us a new Castiel and I’m going with that twist. Once a series reaches a certain vintage, it is more about what happens to the characters we have than new ones who float through as devices for plot or growth.

    I do agree. I have always taken much more notice of the myth arc. As its to me what the show does best. It would be so dull without it. However, I don’t want familiar players coming back for the sake of it, ie Bobby and Ellen. As much as I love them, its hard to see past their exits and see it as a new chapter. I think some characters should stay gone. I have in the past enjoyed cameo’s when the boys ended up in heave during Dark side of the moon. This is really okay as it fits in with heaven and that’s where you would expect to see them. So if they include more stories up in heaven them I’m all for cameo’s from past guest stars. I don’t want Bobby resurrected a fourth time, I think he should be laid to rest for a while.

    Received a tweet from one of the production head of SPN because I whined that my new game is to name the prior episode where I have seen the, tree, bench, restaurant, house, parking space, camera angle and oh yes, the same make up on Dean. He promises he is scouting out some very new locations for what he calls the new Episodes. Looks promising.
    Cool, it is fun when they do take time to write back. I’ve not looked into Twitter for ages, been busy. I have loved a number of locations up to now and the finale springs to mind with that adorable, cosy little chapel. I still can’t believe how clever our team are. Even the atmospherics of the thunder and lightning. They must have waited so long for that weather to appear. I’ve always admired are location experts. 😉

    Thank you for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


  2. My character’s name is Sean Sullivan. he was created before I ever started watching supernatural but he certainly fits within the confines of how to show works. as a supernatural character he kind of fits in 3 different categories: Hunter profit angel. the character is more an agent of the Lord rather than an angel of the Lord. I like in him to David Banner from the old Incredible Hulk television series. I guess you could say Sam and Dean are similar to David Banner is well in that they do roam from town to town helping people. Sean Sullivan Is a gambling addict who got in too deep and ended up being beaten with an inch of his life and left for dead. it is at this point that he turned his life over to God and became an agent of the Lord. He has some limited spiritual powers such as being able to recognize demons and see the spirit world. He can cast out demons depending on the situation.
    I think many shows get ideas from each other, and change them accordingly to suit. I remember the Hulk even though it was a few years ago now, and there were some clever stories among them. I think writers sometimes think we don’t notice. Soaps are notorious for this, as at present we have three soaps with similar story themes at play, it does annoy me at times 😉

    Thank you for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


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