Hunting – Does Sam really want OUT?

Lets just say if Sam did have a ‘NORMAL Life’ would he be happy, and would this life include DEAN?

This season has been a dividing line for the boys, both have been separated and both have for a year held very different lives. So with this thought I’ve been thinking all the way through Sam’s life he has not had a mother figure at his helm to guide him, to nurture him. All he has ever known in his life is the male species. He has yearned to be normal, and to live that NORMAL existence. He wanted to leave home the first chance he got, to jump ship and escape into his own world away from the maddening crowd. So looking back and looking in on Sammy why did he want out. Why does  he want out, are his feelings the same today as they were back then? Now as we move forward in time we see he has ducked and dived from this life, and is so unsettled. Is he unsure of what he really wants? Why in life has he dithered, why hasn’t he made that clean break. Why has it taken him until now to make that firm decision and leave it once and for all. We knew Sam was scared when he lost Dean, we knew how shocked he must have been when he had been abandoned, and left all alone. But what drove him to actually leave the hunt and simply walk away? What enforced that thought. If anything I thought he would have stayed where he felt comfortable and in the zone.

His life with Amelia has baffled us all, not that I want to delve into Amelia and their chemistry, as its been hacked to pieces already. But if this is Sam’s life his Normal end that he would settle down for ever with pipe, slippers and his armchair, would Amelia be that woman to satisfy him? Would she have been that person to as he’s already said ‘saved him’.  Is she the only reason why he actually doesn’t want to hunt any longer or does quitting hunting stem deeper than this? Is it simply that he’s had enough of the life, when since before he has said that he seems happy with his lot? Do we think the writers are making more out of this, this year. Is this the best plot that they could actually come up with to serve Sam during his year apart from Dean? Was this actually worth putting pen to paper for. I desperately wanted their to be another reason behind Sam other than him giving up hunting? What other path could they have gone down, what would have satisfied us much more? Or where you happy with this invention.

Bella would love to know how you really feel about the pattern in Sam’s life? Is this lazy writing, could they have come up with something a bit more original than to tell Sam girls he gave up on hunting? Was it a week scenario, or a brilliant orchestrated plot? 




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