Would DEAN make excellant father material?

A poster here threw the question out to me which sparked a thread for Dean. So my inspiration for this blog entry today is would Dean be the better father.  Two of us replied yes we think Dean would be the better father. Not that this is a popularity contest, but it’s a good question nevertheless, and felt it deserved some air time.

Dean Winchester Season 6
Awwwh, so cute, daddy Dean ….

My first point of call for this discussion is that Dean raised Sam, he bought him up singled handed without a by or leave. He did a tremendous job of nurturing Sam to the best of his ability. Dean was back then a rough diamond, carving a life out for himself also. I resented John for dumping this burden on Dean shoulders and therefore, not allowing himself to grow as a child, and have that child’s life that I think he lost out on. So was John right in expecting Dean to parent Sam so young, or was it a real turning point for Dean, did it make Dean mature and grow up into the man he is today. Did it help him value life, and value things around him. He didn’t have the chance to be young himself as that burden of responsibility didn’t allow Dean to relax or unwind, he was pent up worrying what Sam was up to and forgoing his own freedom and play time. Was this a good thing, has this allowed Dean to look after Sam on his own. Did John in fact do a good thing and allowing Dean to bring up Sam? Or was this terrible parenting?

My second point why I think Dean would make perfect father material. Ben, now we’ve all seen how Dean was with Ben. How Dean can speak a child’s level, how as an adult he doesn’t talk down to a child, he ‘talks to them’. He knows how to encourage the best out of a child, because of his own experiences with Sam. We don’t know even today that is Ben Dean’s child. But this would convince me more that Dean would make a terrific father. As he’s taken Ben under his wing and guided him as though he were his own flesh and blood. Just as he did with Sammy.

There have been other incidents in the show, which have shown Dean to be good, and cool around children. The bullying incident with Ben, on the playing field, Dean showed him how to ‘man-up’ and ask for his phone back. He taught him how to stand up to the bully even though at the time his mother didn’t approve of Dean’s tactics. But Dean’s heart was in the right place.  Max was also another child that Dean coerced and worked his magic with. He is a natural around children and has a certain affinity with them.

Bella says let’s talk about Dean for a while, and comtempalte on his life, his knowledge on anything kids. Own up and air your views about how Dean has become a mentor, and guidian to Sam all his life. How do we think Sam feels about Dean really bringing him up? Do we also see his side over this, has it always been an issue for Sam? Talk guys lets see what we come up with.


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