What actually happens in the Impala between jobs? (that we don’t see)

I posted this over on IMDB and thought it would be a fun question for you guys today. It did quite well over there and is still running.

We only ever see tiny little snippets of action. So using my imagination here, It takes the boys a while to get from job to job, state to state. So what actually does go on. How do they actually spend that time. What do you think these guys actually talk about. More often than not it could be about the case. I guess sleep is another factor to take into consideration. But other than this, what may happen.

Sam, Dean, Impala
What do we think goes on?

This is a tall order, as its attention to detail time, using our eyes and what we might think they do. The journey may be short, but it may take literally hours to get from location to location. America is a big place, with loads of ground to cover. So those un-aired scenes would be so amusing to see. They have a number of hours to pass the time in, so imagine what we use to do as kids when we went on holiday, how bored we actually were. The classic saying to a parent ‘Are we nearly there yet’ springs in to my mind. From London to Scotland could take at one time up to 12 hours. So time is of the essence. Have some fun with this thread as it will amuse you when we start to think of what might happen or what could actually happen.

The Impala is an iconic part of this show, and she is often given the time of day by us fans. We appreciate her, we adore her, and no what part of the boys lives she has been. So The Impala is a gift which has been well looked after, molly coddled and nurtured by Dean.   She acts as a home, a place to rest their wiry heads, a place to commute from a to b, and a place to release their inner demons and let them fly away. So imagination is a real contender here.

The Impala
Babe’ holds a special place in ‘our hearts’ doesn’t she?

Bella would love to know what you think may go on behind the scenes that we as fans have never encountered.


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