How have we seen the boys love interests in the past and present?

The blog entry for today is quite a toughy. We’ve seen the boys in many a relationship in the show and since Amelia seems to be number one at present how do we actually feel about past relationships, how have they gone down in the fandom as a whole, are they appreciated or totally the opposite  Many a one night stand has also been recorded but does this count as a solid relationship. The boys are yes boys, and they also hunt monsters. So with this thought always in the back of my mind do we think a woman would work in the core of the show, and considering the shows premise.

Here’s a list of past entries from the net, some have not been full on love affairs, but have intertwined in with the boys forming close bonds, and friendships.

Sarah Blake (Taylor Cole  – Provenance)

Jessica (Adrianne Palicki – Pilot, Bloody Mary)

Andrea Barr (Amy Acker – Dead in the Water)

Lisa Braden – Various episodes

Madison (Emmanuelle Vaugier – Heart)

Ava (Katharine Isabelle – Hunted)

Jo Harvelle (Alona Tal – Everybody Loves a Clown, Simon Said, No Exit, Born Under a Bad Sign)

Cassie Robinson (Megalyn Echikunwoke – Route 666)

Dean’s Demon (Jeannette Sousa – Crossroad Blues)

Layla Rourke (Julie Benz – Faith)

Charlie (Marnette Patterson – Bloody Mary)

Meg (Nicki Aycox – Scarecrow, Shadow, Salvation, Devil’s Trap)

Tessa (Lindsey McKeon – In My Time of Dying)

Emily (Tania Saulnier – Scarecrow)

Vampire Kate (Anne Openshaw – Dead Man’s Blood)

Haley Collins (Gina Holden – Wendigo)

Carmen Porter – What is and what should never be?

Amanda Walker (Jaime Ray Newman – Phantom Traveller)

Rebecca Warren (Amy Grabow – Skin)

Officer Kathleen (Jessica Steen – The Benders)

Susan Thomson (Annie Wersching – Playthings)

Lori Sorenson (Jane McGregor – Hookman)

Bela (Abby Talbot

Ruby 1 Katie Cassidy

Ruby 2 Genevieve (Corteses) Padalecki

Becky Rosen – forgotten edit.

Many a thread on IMDB has discussed Lisa, Jo, Amelia who are currently running. Other past love interests include The list above not in a any order. Some may have missed my research radar, but you get the drift there’s been a few. Some of these characters have played a huge role in the boys roller-coaster of a life, and some were very short lived, some more than others. So this thought has often played tricks with me, why don’t women last on this show? May be you no this definitive answer. Also the question has arisen Dean is soft in bed and Sam is the opposite. Now I find that hard to believe that Sam comes across as the opposite  I can imagine him to be very attentive, and loving, what’s your opinion? The other research I came across today was considering Dean has flirted more than Sam, it seems Sam has had more relationships than Dean. So with that knowledge is that surprising or not?

My third topic for this entry today is, why do we like a certain character and dislike another character. Women do have a hard time fitting in on this show. Do we no this answer also.  Its obviously down to personal preference, but is it more than this, does it stem deeper?

Bella would love to know your thoughts regarding women in general on this show, and how they are perceived  They don’t seem to last, even as a long term interest  So this begs the question do our writers no how to handle a woman, or does this thought terrific them?


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