Amelia and Benny did we think they were worth being introduced?

Now the season has moved forward a bit, and we have a picture in our minds about our two new cast mates, how to we visualize that they have panned out. Are we happy with them being introduced and are we happy with the way their storyline concluded. Were they worth bringing into the show as background characters.

Did we see character growth for Sam and Dean with that year apart. Was that time jump worth all this agro and bitterness that Amelia and Benny seem to have bought. Did their contribution work as well as we had hoped it might. Was their presence all it was cracked up to be with the idea of perception this season? Did their parings work with each partner. We are assuming Sam and Amelia didn’t so are we perhaps on agreement that Benny and Dean did?

I have understood the torn and frayed element of this weeks episode and sensing both boys sacrificed their partner/friend for the sake of the business and what each other meant to one another. Both were torn in giving up their partners for the bigger picture. We knew the show had to go on, so were these two characters doomed to start with? Were they just a means to an end. Did we invest to much time into both characters, as it seemed a let down and caused unnecessary angst which could have been avoided. Could their year apart of been handled any differently in the long run? What do we think the boys will have learned from these relationships. Has it allowed them to mature and grow? Or only hindered the brotherly bond.

Bella would love to know your thoughts on how their scenes have panned out, and did these new characters live up to your expectations, Yes or No?


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