You can never really leave this life?

So no matter what the boys ever try to do in this world, could they ever fully leave this life behind? or actually have the best of both worlds? Dean mentioned to Sam, with one foot in each world, there was too much danger for him. Was this quote what made Sam actually make his mind up and STAY? Because he weighed up the risks, and thought he was better off in the world that he knew with Dean, he wouldn’t put Amelia at any risk and therefore endangering his own safety? Did that choice really tear him in two? What really made that choice count, and say I should, jack it in with Amelia?

Dean felt he had to honour his brother’s choice and ditch Benny. Was he torn in two also. Could he feel he could make that break as easily? He owned up to Sam that he couldn’t have made that choice and it more or less counted that he was brave for at least trying.  Is this sophisticated writing coming through? Is this how we expected the boys coming back together? Has hunting really killed the boy’s chances of happiness for ever? Or are they beginning to grow up and realize that this is where they are supposed to come back to. This is home, this is the life and this was how it was always meant to be. Was this the bigger picture?  Hunting is their only purpose in life, the end game. Are they coming to terms with this even more so, than in the past? As we have been here before. What is keeping them in the game? What is torturing them that they feel they can’t have that normal life. Yet they still hold a strong torch for the thing that pulls them back each and every time. What is it about hunting that they can’t pull away from? Why is it like a MAGNET, they just keep coming back for more. When they are always, trying to break free.

Are monsters, all they will ever know? Will they ever hang up their guns for the last time? Bella would love to no how the boys felt about this sacrifice about giving up someone they had feelings and friendships with. What they have in common was much more powerful than either of them ever realized. Two worlds don’t work in this game as it only brings trouble. Drop me a line let me know how you felt those heart breaking scenes went down. Was it very subtly done, very focused and to the point with little words. Were expressions simply enough? The biggest question today is; are they both now happy and this will be the end of trying to leave? Or do they still need to talk since they both came back to their common ground, HUNTING, SAVING PEOPLE AND THE FAMILY BUSINESS ?


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