Are the writers trying to make one brother look good?

The more I read on IMDB the more I think this could have been the case. I have for sometime now and have not hidden this fact that I feel the writers are writing one brother good and the other appear bad. IMDB have slatted Sam just recently and have many a time had his head on the chopping block. I often felt sad about this because I love both brothers I always have. Why is this divide so strong? Even Castiel has been written bad to bounce of Dean. So is Dean the one who stands out as the good guy? The one whom take the brunt of the hits. He’s always taken on Sam’s struggles and almost feels as though he blames himself for what Sam gets up too. Has Dean struggle to keep his own feelings at bay regarding how he really feels about Sam, and what Sam is going through. Each time a story comes up IMDB jump on Sam saying oh I bet Sam will get this story. Take the Winchester story coming up for example. Apparently their will be a dual over the trial of the tablets which brother will carry out the task. Most of the threads in that post stated Sam would get to do the job. Why do people feel this way.

There is still a lot of tension in camp, and begin to wonder if the writing is deliberate that one brother is written or seen to be written as the bad boy, the one with out feeling, the one who never owns up to what he’s done wrong. But is Dean always right to take the blame for what Sam may do wrong? Simply because he is the eldest, and the buck stops with him, at his door.  How do we all feel about this, and the way the writing is turning Sam into a different kind of guy? Have they secretly been turning Sam bad all the way along? Have we lost soft, puppy eyed Sammy for good. Am I reading too much into this, as I would love my regulars to persuade me otherwise. I am pleased things are looking up after the previous episode which I have still not seen yet. Perhaps this might go some way in building the bridges of this brotherly bond that we are all clearly missing. I don’t want to see each brother blaming one another later down the line just for entertainment value. I want to see clear progress that their friendship is on the way up. and not taking six steps back. Is Sam on the mend after supposedly loosing Dean, is he beginning to settle back down to normality in the hunting world, has he really come back down to earth, and finally come to terms that this is where his life and heart really lie?

Bella would love to know your thoughts, and I’m not making too much out of this. Can’t wait to read your responses as all ways. Drop me a line ……

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