Live Action Role Play? LARPing and the real girl

Okay, I’ve finally seen the episode, YEAH!!

After two live action role-players mysteriously end up dead, Sam and Dean attempt to track down the source of the strange mark connecting the victims, leading them to a game of LARPing in Michigan, where Charlie Bradbury (Felicia Day) is “Queen.” With the help (and weight) of LARPing royalty, Sam, Dean and Charlie split up and venture deep into the forest of the Shadow Orc’s to find the person behind the horrific deaths. But when the Queen is suddenly taken captive by a strange creature, the mystery behind the deaths are revealed, and Sam and Dean face off against its master to protect fairy love.

Do we think the boys were surprised?

Do we think the boys were surprised?

So how did Dean fair as a medieval knight? Did he do a good job …. Costume was superb and all the attention to detail seemed to pay off. It so reminded me of Robin of Sherwood, I’m showing my age. Jensen would make an ideal King Arthur and also a very charming Robin Hood. I didn’t however, care for Sam’s costume choice. Face painting what ever next! Jensen only seemed to know one speech, yes I remembered this remark from IMDB. According to Sam its the only one he knows.

Jensen as a medieval knight

Jensen as a medieval knight

Damsel in distress mode. There always has to be a fair maiden to rescue and pull her away from danger, but a female kiss, urrh we cry, did we see that one coming. Yes I too loved Charlie sacrificing her fairy. Yes you guys were right about Sam’s chemistry this time round, I can see now why you mentioned it. The young lady in the PC tent seemed underwhelmed at Sam turning her down to go back to her tent. Still feeling Amelia in the back of his mind I guess. Charlie was bound to be put in danger, and be rescued, suspense, nope. Guessed that too early on. Her walk through the woods was also obviously interrupted, was this a guess early on perhaps too. The symbols on the guys arms were cool though, I bet that cost a penny or two on the budget cost.

I also liked the magic trick when Charlie was kidnapped in the tent, very neat work, seamless and well executed. Loved the chemistry with Charlie and Dean, even though Sam didn’t appear too over enthusiastic, suffering from a bout of depression me thinks. Loved the whole medieval feel, and a nod to brave heart, even thinking perhaps the ending was a little cheesy.

Live Action Role Play, we got what we actually expected ...

Live Action Role Play, we got what we actually expected …

So what did you think to the live action role play attempt, did it conjure up what you were expecting, or did you feel a little left out in the cold. I enjoy the lightness of the episode, and was much needed after the last couple of heavy or so weeks. It was good to see Sam offering Dean to have some fun, even though he didn’t feel up to much role playing fun himself. Did you feel the whole game feel, and how a game could go wrong, and how something could effect another person. You almost no on this show who is going to be murdered next. At first I suspected Dean might be on offer, but the two boys in question were for the chop. The blood splattering still showed and wouldn’t be Supernatural without it. Did Charlie do a good job as Queen, was she cool enough, did she have an edge about her. Did she fit in after ditching Charlie Bradbury and giving herself a new identity.

Bella would love to know your opinions on the episode, was it fun, exciting, different, you couldn’t stand it, really hated it, or even would never re-watch it again. I for one would definitely watch again purely, to see Jensen in tights, that alone was well worth the weight, pure GOLD …


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