Do the boys like each other now?

A thought on the forum got me thinking that a number of posters say the boys don’t even like one another. But do we think otherwise. Do we rise above this and think perhaps yes they are turning a corner, they are building something strong again. This last episode helped me light that candle and think yes a little flicker in me says they are beginning to work through stuff, they are beginning to clear much needed air. Do we sometimes loose sight of the bigger picture. Do we over analize what is really going on, did the brothers never really go off one another. Can we see a marked improvement in the writing that they are finally understanding what makes these boys tick.

Has the tension really gone for good?
Has the tension really gone for good?

Sam acknowledge that Dean should have some fun once in a while and literally let his hair down. Dean responded and had that much needed down time that he felt had been lacking in their lives. We found another thing they enjoy doing together live action role play. Perhaps one was more tuned in than the other, but nevertheless made the effort and played the game. Dean also challenged Sam asking him if he was okay and if he needed to off load he was there.

Much needed down time was Sam being gallant?
Much needed down time was Sam being gallant?

Are we seeing a change in this relationship, are they growing up into mature men and following a new path? Do we see progress or regression, and can’t understand still what is a foot. Can we sense a united front and pastures new. Can we see a future for these two and sense they still have work to do, and see them growing old together.

Bella would love to no how you feel the boys are getting on, how much work they have to do to put things write. Is the show re-inventing itself or changing those goal posts so there is no going back. Come on folks drop me I line I no your out there some where. Newbies more than welcome…


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