How do we seen Dean’s role on this show?

These recent trials are having the board in a turmoil. So I thought how do my guys feel. So putting this question out there, or questions out there about our beloved Dean!!

Dean and Baby ...
Dean and Baby …

A number of fans are threatening to quit if Dean is not the one chosen to do these up and coming trials. If Sam performs the task they are basically off for good. I as some poster felt that perhaps the boys might not even do the trial and perhaps the deed might fall to Kevin as some kind of test for the prophet? So are they perhaps worrying over nothing.

Do fans of Dean here feel this way that Dean is often side-lined for a story over Sam? I do sense Dean as been abandoned many times, where stories could have gone his way and he has been a mere support for others. I am beginning to think the opposite for Dean for the first time in years, as a poster mentioned this might be a good thing for Dean as he is seen more important in some ways because he does move the story forward and moves the other characters into action. He is often the narrative and perhaps see the story from his point of view. When Dean is not on earth things fall apart, including Sam. So is the story telling really balanced. Does Sam get more of the story arc’s? We no his top of the bill when the credits role, and is the youngest brother. So is Dean perhaps the mature one with the real goal on this show? Has Dean progressed and matured. Is he the one who has carried the can, and kept the family, what’s left of it together.

Sad Dean, always thinking of others and never himself?
Sad Dean, always thinking of others and never himself?

Bella would love to know your real feelings about Dean, and where you see his future lies. Is he the side-lined brother, the one left out in the cold? Is our hero fading into the background?


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