Be my eyes and ears gang?

Not seen the show yet. So thought I put it out to you and see if you can relay what happened to me. Someone who’s not seen the episode. I’ve read snow’s recap on IMDb so have an idea but not completed reading all the replies. So I’m not sure of the ending. Grandpa arrives through the closet, and smashes babe’s window not a good idea buddy.

So in your own words, my regulars have fun and let the story unfold. How did you rate the episode and how did you feel in went down. Were there any unnecessary cliff hangers? I seem to remember recalling something will change the boys views for ever and not in a good way. So I think does this have something to do with John Winchester hunting, and hunting in general on the Winchester side. I think Henry seems to have gone down well. But that’s only a first impression. Come on guys I’m counting on you.

I’m off to the dentist have a tooth out, so think of me whilst I’m thinking and day dreaming about watching the show in the dentists chair, yuck! Your replies will amuse me on my return.


Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, come back soon!

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