Sam’s story missing links?

All the way through season 8 there have been big holes regarding Sam. Even before the season started, and those spoilers came out last summer. I was dreading tuning in as I had a hunch what might come from it. Me as a Sam girl would love to no what state Sam was in when he left that lab, how many days he drove around out of his mind, before he hit that dog. Was it just a mere couple of hours was it a day, a week or even god for-bid six months. These a long odds, but this is what we need to establish. When someone has died shock kicks in undoubtedly I don’t think none of us have ever disputed this, you only have to look at Sam’s face in 7 x 23 to sense what he was going through. So for me that missing link from Sam leaving that lab and driving off is crucial to understand. When he finally arrived at the vets and we encounter a grumpy Amelia taking care of the dog, Sam is still in a bad way. This much we no, we’ve seen in pan out, its canon …. But what don’t we no of this so called year.

I have always said from day 1 when Dean got sucked into purgatory, a whole year is a hell of a long time, when you piece each flashback together, it probably wouldn’t stretch to a months worth of viewing. So eleven months have been unaccounted for. Even in 8 x 1 and Sam met up with Dean he still looked shell shocked and not with it. Singer said on another thread today, that questions will be answered, hoping he gives a round up of events which puzzle the hell out of me. This is why I have always hated flashbacks, as they never seem to fill us all in with the missing blanks.

Do any of you agree that Sam’s story is still very vague and needs addressing. It requires much more detail than what the writers are letting on, and giving away. Fine tuning is vital for character growth, and many feel Sam seems short-changed. Or that the story has not been properly divulged. If we did see the chain of events after Sam leaving the lab, would this make us all feel any better about why Sam bunked off and didn’t look for Dean. Its not just this point that I require answers to, I feel they have let Sam down in a big way. If they are changing a character into some one they are not, at least be consistent with the writing. So during this whole year what do you think happened during Sam’s journey that we haven’t yet seen.

Thoughts again guys, as Bella would love to no ……..



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