Closing the gates of hell …

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Looking forward to next weeks episode when I haven’t seen this weeks yet is a good sign. Having seen a brief clip of next weeks episode spoilers ahead ***** Kevin has deciphered the words from god on the hell tablet. Dean is well chuffed with Kevin’s words and seems up beat with Kevin’s news. Trial and Error looks a real serious episode with ‘Sam’ stating that the mission is a ‘suicide mission’. Kevin looks as though he’s been attacked and having read some of the comments on forums, and myself think Kevin could be the one for the chop. Not one of the boys. Even though the clip says one of them dies whilst carrying out the task of the trial.

So what do you think about this theory of shutting the gates of hell FOREVER!! and EVER …!! Will it finally work, and will it be this cut and dried. Can we see it being pulled off without any complications for the boys. Will the boys be satisfied if the job isn’t done, and a life might be lost, in the process of the trial. Do we see this episode as a season finale perhaps, is it too soon in the season for such a big story. Are we excited, or rattled, in case this is another upset in the brothers relationship. Can it take much more angst, and torment?

I haven’t seen last nights episode so gang, I would also love to hear what you all thought. You no I love hearing from you all. The forum decided it wasn’t a great episode and Edlund didn’t seem on his usual top form. Where they right? My ears are burning and can’t take the pressure.


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