Has the show gone too far?


Writing in the old days ...
Writing in the old days …

Having too many writers, does this cause too many problems down the line. I get why you need a writing team and delegate work out to a community of writers. Plots need to be written, understood and played out by the actors.  Do writers ever really understand and get to grips with a character let alone more than one in a cast. Do they really bond with a character(s). My main question is do they look back over the history of the shows writing to see if there are any plot holes in the characters or in their own writing, and writers from the past.

Writing is not any easy job, and being a writer they must also get a lot of stick from fans. Do they ever really take notice of what troubles us, and what really concerns us. A character is a person, as a fan, we invest a hell of a lot of time and love in. We warm to them, we molly coddle them, and want to put our arms through the TV screen and want to hug them, if we could. Each character has its own personality, drive, ambition and dedication. So when a character is written badly we feel it, we sense it, we live his/her journey. Do we think the writers this time might have gone too far. Is this because there are literally two many writers with too many idea’s who don’t flesh out a character to its best potential. Do they perhaps not try hard enough, in using the material they already have at their disposal.

A different method of putting pen to paper.
A different method of putting pen to paper.

Bella would love to no your thoughts on our writing team, and if they have over stepped the mark in portraying our much loved characters. Some we obviously love with a true passion, but other writers annoy us and tempt us to scream at the TV screen in disgust. So put your fingers to the keyboard and drop me a line, soon, let me and others no how you really feel about this team of writers, perhaps you may have a favorite writer and can’t wait for their episode to appear, you might also have a writer who you feel annoys the hell out of you. Do tell! ….

A new invention writing on the keyboard ...
A new invention writing on the keyboard …

A list of writers form Supernatural wiki just to re-fresh your memories. http://www.supernaturalwiki.com/index.php?title=Category:Writer


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