Has Dean finally got a worthy STORYLINE?


Is he the ALPHA HUNTER?'

Is he the ALPHA HUNTER?’

So Sam is the last surviving Men of Letters and Dean seems content with this knowledge. So that leaves Dean who is the ‘BRAWN’  The hunter. Is the show finally leaning on Dean. Perhaps after all these years with Hell and Purgatory there was a reason why he went there after all. Was it a test to see how he coped under extreme circumstances. Was it plausible why Dean suffered. Was this why Purgatory felt ‘REAL’ and ‘ALIVE’, to him, like it was natural. Dean is a true hunter, it was meant to be, why he was born, why this path was mapped out for him. It was written in the stars. And lets not forget its now Canon. So after all this time, Is this role pivotal for Dean. There is no going back. As he has a purpose in life, an obligation, duty and a destiny. Dean is finally a born leader of the pack. Is he the ALPHA Hunter?’

It stands to reason that Dean is the Brawn, the fighter, the leader, the matriarchal character. The savior, and  protector. Can he finally belong with a position on the show that is actually his. To me this is a real find, something concrete that stands out for Dean, and a gift that he’s been bestowed on, his birthright. Its significant, and so surreal.

Bella would love to know as always what you think. Is this the story we’ve all been longing for. The one that has meaning and purpose. Something for both of them, not just one of the brothers. Type away and drop me a line…..


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