The Damsel in Distress mode?

Or should I re-phrase the title and say the Brother in Distress.

I’ve been a big fan of this show since mid-season four. As a viewer you begin to pick up on little traits which become ever increasingly popular with certain writers who enjoy putting a cast member in jeopardy for him to be saved by the other brother. Various scenarios over the years have some what diminished my view that it seems to happen at least once if not twice per season. Which brother is the one kidnapped more often, that little theory has not been accurately worked out yet. Perhaps, one of my community hear might have this knowledge to hand.

Gordon Walker taking Dean hostage as bait for Sam ...

Gordon Walker taking Dean hostage as bait for Sam …

I find this so off putting now, and disturbs my enjoyment of a cool show. I don’t no how any of you feel or have even noticed how often the brothers are kidnapped by a monster, for what ever purpose just for effect and entertainment value. Do the writers think fans get a kick out of seeing either brother being duffed up, knocked out, and dragged god knows where to some dumpy warehouse just to pass the time, and allow the rescue to take place. Along comes Dean on his white charger to rescue, poor Sammy hand-cuffed or tied to a chair or worse. Yes sometimes it could be Sammy on his white charger to rescue poor Dean. I thought this show was about saving people, and hunting things. When does saving each other come into the family set up? Don’t get me wrong. Once in a while, I am all for heroics of showing their love for each other in a rescue attempt. But do we honestly need this every season. Been there, done that and worn the t/shirt! Its getting repetitive.

Sam locked in the cage, by humans ...

Sam locked in the cage, by humans …

I would occasionally like to be surprised, and think I wonder how the boys are actually going to get out of this one. As in this weeks episode and both boys were in a get out quick situation. It did make me for once wonder how are they going to get out of this? In the past kidnapped exits have surprised me. I think back to skin season 1 when skin-walker Dean had Sam in the kitchen and SW Dean slapped the knife into the table. Sam was tied up on his back on the floor. Sam’s stunt was superb, raising his legs to reach for the stabbed knife and working his own way out of a situation. These types of scenes I adore as it shows skill in getting yourself to safety and back home on your own steam. I appreciated the boys are not getting any younger, but it just adds that bit more suspense.

So my question today is why do writers in general, not just on this show feel that putting a character in jeopardy is entertaining writing. Do they not view their shows past histories and analize whats gone on before? There is more than one way to tell a story and inject some life back into it. These are times I could scream at the TV and think, oh no, not again I no what’s coming and it bores the hell out of me. I want to be excited again and see those action scenes just to revitalize my energy levels.

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