Facial Expressions?

This lately has really got me watching the show much more closely I look for those expressions where dialogue is not present, where you have to really guess what the actor is trying hard to put across to you. Do you ever grasp that expression or does it begin to play tricks with you. Season 8 episode 1 clearly played havoc with my mind for weeks, until I laid that ghost firmly to rest. It puzzled me so much that I began to question what Sam was really thinking what he was actually going to do next. He didn’t no Dean was going to be at the cabin, he didn’t no what he was going to expect. So how would you have read for example his expression. How did you come to a conclusion about what his face was trying to say. I still believe that Sam was coming back to that cabin to get his head in order and look for Dean. But others may prove me wrong.

Sam's facial expression any idea what he's trying to get across.

Sam’s facial expression any idea what he’s trying to get across.

My second expression in season 8 currently goes to a couple of weeks ago when the boys were on the coach I think it was Torn and frayed where a lot emotions were being dragged out of the boys for sure. Dean was sitting on the sofa and had switched over the channel on the TV with a boxing match in full swing. Sam came in with two bowls their supper I presume sitting in front of the TV on their laps. Bad manners, but what do I care. The camera moved in closer and we prominently focus on Sam as Dean slightly turns and looks in his brothers direction almost as if wanting to gain his brothers approval. Sam subtly nods his head slouches his left lip and takes a swig of beer from the bottle still looking at Dean at an angle. I no my buddy debbab here will help me out. I no how passionate you are about expressions, babe this ones for you. Cause I can’t fathom it.

What are the boys actually trying to get across?

What are the boys actually trying to get across?

The third puzzling expressions happened in again Torn and Frayed. Now I still can’t make up my mind about what really went down here when Dean came all that way to make it up with a bad tempered Sam. Was Sam really pushing his luck here. Was he right to demand some apology from Dean when he had behaved just as bad, if not worse. I could not make out what Jared was trying to portray to me. Was he really so mad at Dean about the text to Amelia that made him drive 12 hours just to get him out of the way. Or was there more to this squabble than met the eye. I felt bad for Dean, as they were both in the wrong and Sam seemed to be getting the upper hand, over what was primarily his fault in the first place. He was also huffy about Benny not being able to trust him as Dean’s request. So have the boys actually moved past this now, are they on even terms?

Why was Sam so annoyed?

Why was Sam so annoyed?

These are just a few facial expressions that get me into a tizz each week. I re-watch. I read the board, and take in their comments. But sometimes still find it hard to full understand what the actor is trying to say to me, the viewer. Is this bad writing, and acting or a combination of the too, or that I am week in understanding the plot. Dialogue is bad enough to interpret particularly lingo is a tough barrier to get past in understanding sometimes. Occasionally I have to re-wind to get the full picture.

If the show did include an episode with no dialogue would this bother you, would you be able to understand the plot just through facial expression. Would it be enough to grab your attention as it normally would?  In general do facial expressions mean more to you than the script itself? Does this open up a whole new world understanding what the actor is trying to get across without a script, technically.

Bella would love to no today, what expressions have really got up your nose that you haven’t been able to decipher. And what barriers you find hard to over come in the show. Drop me a line can’t wait to hear from you.


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