Cars on TV shows?

Yesterday on the forum it was mentioned that the Impala is not important on the show. Fans don’t really care about the car as much as the main actors. Its a man thing. So I became intensified with this remark, which gave me inspiration today for this thread. I love Baby, the fans even gave her a nick-name Metallica for god sake. If she is not a cast member she should be. All they see the car being is a part of Dean’s affections. I think she is much more than this. Apparently all the car does is add flavor to Dean’s personality.

Is the Impala part of the boys lives or not?

Is the Impala part of the boys lives or not?

Cars in general have always been prominent in Television shows as far back as I can remember and I particularly think of cars fondly. They are part of the fixtures and fittings. I think back to Starskey and Hutch the red and white Mustang. Followed by The Dukes of Hazard which I believe was a similar muscle car. I think back to The Professionals both main leads of the cast had their own car and was then a Ford Capri one had a silver model and the other actor had a gold model. I also remember a change to a Ford Escort a black and white model, neat little sports car. There is however something rather special about The Impala. She is so robust, and can cope in any road conditions. She is built to last as we’ve seen how many times Dean as desperately put her back together. Do we feel if you not getting the connection with the car, you ain’t connecting to the show. I still think the cars are just as iconic as the actors themselves.

Top Ten TV Cars:

10. Herbie

9. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

8. Lightning McQueen

7. Bumblebee – The Transformers Film

6. The Blues-mobile – The Blues Brothers

5. Knight Rider

4. Starskey and Hutch’s Torino

3. The DeLorien DMC-12 – Back to the future

2. The Bat Mobile – Batman

1. Aston Martin DB5 – Bond

Very striking, eye catching and dominant. You knew she was coming

Very striking, eye catching and dominant. You knew she was coming

We’ve not talked about the Impala here before so now is your chance to air your own views about her. What do you feel sums up how fans really feel about this car. She’s more than transportation, she is more than a roof over their heads. She is much more than a table to take a break on. She has in fact saved the boys life at one point, been possessed, and stared in the spotlight her self as knight rider, riding Sam’s bum and taking on his voice.

How important is this car, really?

How important is this car, really?

Bella would again love you to put pen to paper and contact me. I am fuming about people not taking Baby seriously and am astonished how some fans see her very differently. I missed her so much last year, I yearned to see her again and even thought about a petition to get her re-instated. Fans even go to conventions in their own Chevy Impala’s so I hope many do feel she is symbolic, and plays a huge part in this much loved show.


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