Could a life be sacrificed?

closing the gates of hell?

Forums had the idea today that a life could be taken which will hint at Sam’s when he continues to do the trials. He said to Dean its a suicide mission’. Is this to be taken literally? Will Sam have to take his own life to see the gates of hell permanently closed? I get the forums are alive with this idea, and thought shall I put it out to you guys. Do we see Dean allowing this? Do we see Dean watching his brother die in front of his eyes, AGAIN ………..? Would the show sacrifice Sam a second time to save the WORLD? Is this the best they can really come up with? These are only fan thoughts at this point to be taken with a pinch of salt, salt-gunners.  Not heard that word for a while!

Can we actually allow our minds to run riot and think stuff that might never materialize? Can we see sometimes our minds literally running away with us? Would this be Sam’s ultimate sacrifice for all the crap he’s done, would this alleviate his wrong doings and perhaps change those negatives into a positive. I perish the thought if this tale turns out to be fact/canon. But on the other side of the coin if this was an end finale of the entire series could see it as a possibility. Would one of the brothers loose their own life for the greater good? Are they saying its Swan Song mark 2? What could pull Sam out of the woods this time? With this Raiders of the lost arc theme, is this what is about to come to light, that the boys have to perform random acts of god to achieve the end result? Where will the trials actually end. Do we think they will actually succeed in closing these gates for good, or is it all pie in the sky? Is too much being asked of the boys?

Bella would as always love to read you responses and put my mind at ease! Newbies by the way are always welcome would love to met you too.

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, come back soon!

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