Episode Feedback guys?

It seems they had another heart to heart?

It seems they had another heart to heart?

As per, not seen the episode yet until Friday evening. Would love your feedback as to what you thought and what your feelings are. I am getting mixed reception on the forums rating the episode thread didn’t give me much joy or hope that it was as good as the last three weeks have been. I heard we had another brotherly moment which sounded cool. I hate not having viewed the show being head blogger, but no you love entering your feelings here.

Don't know what the heck is going on here ...

Don’t know what the heck is going on here …

Let the show begin and fire away. Let those canons bang and re-live those last 42 minutes with me. I heard Witches were on offer, and I now how Dean hates Witches. Was Sam whining again as some have said? Oh how I love this show and all of you. You no the drill by now, drop me a line asap.


One thought on “Episode Feedback guys?

  1. Jo needs to come back to life. She becomes the queen of fighting demons. Jo and Dean are destined to be together. Jo shows up everywhere Dean is. They fall in love and deside to work together. You can’t fight demons without love. Sam teams up with a girl that is good with demons. They all team up and split directions. Jo and Dean need to spice things up with the greatest attraction to each other. She surprises him in many ways. Sam fights better in love and Dean. Bring back girls for the guys especially Dean and Jo. When Dean and Jo first started it made the show they are a good couple. They have a special connection. Bring back Jo for Dean. It’s the only thing in his life that he could connect with.


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