Could these trials separate the boys?

Just read something on line in a post and it got me thinking. Could the trials actually part the boys. Could this be possible.  Closing the gates could put up more obstacles in the boys way, to see they don’t complete this task as some may not want the boys to succeed. (Crowley/Naomi) I had thought earlier that Sam may be sacrificed to close the gates. But this seems a bit extreme and more for a series finale than a mid one. I have however since thought as have others that Sam may need to close the gates from the inside, hence the boys being temporarily parted.

How will this go down, and how will Sam be freed. Is this a possible role reversal tact-tic happening again. Could this be an end of year finale moment. That Sam gets trapped as Dean did a year ago? Is this the big twist, closing the gates for ever, Sam having to remain in hell for eternity? I wouldn’t like a permanent end for Sam in hell. But this could be an interesting scenario. It could be a mirror image of the past. Or is this the case, of copycat and to a similar plot?  Its not the first time he’s been their, and probably not his last. But I can sense just working out the plot to close the gates won’t go so smoothly as we all might think. I can sense a hick-up along the way. Any idea’s you might have, spill those too.

Bella would as ever love your take on my post, and what you think of my over the top idea, or it may be to you superb. Which ever, you now no my drill 100 and odd posts later. Click reply and type away …..


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