From who’s point of VIEW, is the show primarily seen?

Reading stuff on the net I found a common discussion point.  it was never about the point of view? It got me thinking that the complaint was that fans thought the show was seen from Dean’s point of view which a post regarded to as this being false. That it was seen from Sam’s view point, and perspective.  Is this so? Are they correct in assuming that we never really get down to seeing the show from Dean’s angel? That its purely and only, from Sam’s point of view? Do they never really show Dean’s feelings, do we never really see how Dean really feels? I get cross when it is assumed the show is seen from Sam’s ‘Golden Boy’, ‘Silver snowflake’ perspective. This very phrase to me seems to knock Sam down. Have any of you heard of this terminology lately? And what do you think this means?

New name referring to Sam!
New name referring to Sam “SILVER SNOWFLAKE”

I have always tried to see the show from both sides. From both points of view. So my question today is, how do you feel the show depicts which side its seen from? how do you see this equation? As a fan of both brothers, is this really the bee and end all, the assumption that one does get more point of view, than another? Is it childish to have this feeling, that one is more out of line than another? Could it damage the feel of the show, if the writers suddenly changed its point of view?  

Why doesn't any one see it from my point of view any longer? (rolls eyes)
Why doesn’t any one see it from my point of view any longer? (rolls eyes)

Bella is down about certain stuff on forums, (I sometimes think why do I bother and search for stuff?,  just to be annoyed?) thinking that Dean never gets enough of what ever. I do feel for Dean, when he doesn’t appear to get an arc for himself, but when it comes down to either characters point of view, does it really matter when we love both boys with a passion. Can we not watch the show for what it is. That both brothers would die for one another, and never see harm come to their brother. I am getting tired of this coming up, and seeing Sam’s head on the chopping block. It appears petty to me.

Thinking of Castiel here?
Thinking of Castiel here?

How do you see the point of view on this show? Does it really bother you that one character is not getting the story seen from their point of view, that they are not being accurately portrayed? Would the story be any different if it were told from Dean’s point of view, what would really change?

Does it really matter who's point of view its seen from if we love both of them, as a unit?
Does it really matter who’s point of view its seen
from if we love both of them, as a unit?

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