Chemistry is crucial – so why does it fail?

In this show we no chemistry works, we have seen it, we have watched it pan out on screen. The brothers are a fine example of chemistry working on set and off. We are by now aware of how well these boys do actually get on, there is no hiding the fact that they have a special bond that will last many years into the future after this show has packed up recording. So what have we learnt from these brothers in terms of chemistry?

These two are so believable its as if they were brothers in real life?

These two are so believable its as if they were brothers in real life?

What is good chemistry, how do we no what chemistry is? They don’t  have an intimate relationship, that we no. But we no that bond is unbreakable. We no how far these two boys will go; and what upsets them, and what makes them extremely happy. Living as they do each day so closely together, we have to assume these too actors do blend well together and they have a presence on screen which has woven into the show itself and we no today how believable these two men are. Why is their bond so special off and on set?  Do they no something we don’t LOL!

Chemistry is a very important part on any show, and its crucial that actors blend with their spouses, girlfriends, brothers, sisters and family relatives. It takes years for families to build a relationship on screen where they do all get on and make a show work. I fondly remember ‘The Walton’s’ which I am re-watching on cable TV. So many cast on one set must have disaster days where they don’t get on, where they can’t perform a scene.

So why did Amelia not work. Why did her personality not come across on screen. This is such a repetitive example but this is the b side of the question why does it fail? How can a pair of actors get it so wrong. How can the casting team get it so wrong? Why has it not developed well, why has it not been utterly superb? Chemistry is the businesses bread and butter. So if a relationship is not being portrayed well by its audience why continue with it and persuade people to like it? We no it failed, we no they didn’t gel.

So why did their chemistry not work?

So why did their chemistry not work?

Bella would like to know what do you know about chemistry, how actors blend, develop and grow with one another over many years of being together on set. Many actors also have been known not to get along and hate each other with a passion, so how do they get by getting their chemistry across on screen? How do they show us they mean what they are trying to portray? 

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