Keeping up with plot lines?

So far this season I think has been one of the best in terms of plots if I think it will work out as well as I am hoping. How do we sense it will continue to unfold and develop? Do we think this has been clever writing? For once I am finding that I am enjoying working out the plots, and seeing if they turn out in front of my eyes. I may be one of many with vivid imagination. But I like to be surprised and entertained at the same time. I love this show for its suspense, its drama between the brothers, its delivery and timing.

Two brothers, two lives.....
Two brothers, two lives…..

Do you find it hard to keep up with plot lines and plot holes. Do we understand what is really going on? Some cop shows I find bore me because sometimes I cannot keep up with the writing of intricate plots, and who did what to whom. This show is cool as I can understand and possibly predict the outcome that might happen. Do you find yourself in the same boat, as regards guessing what may happen in the future?

Are we all okay with the plot of this season. How do we really feel it will pan out? Do we feel we are on target? Is Jeremy a genius for thinking of these plot lines, or do you feel he is not cutting it for you, still? I think it will be a good season, I have a strong hunch that if someone is behind what is going on I will be extremely happy. I think Jeremy has stepped up to my mark. Can Jeremy be the one to turn the show around. Can he make the boys look mature than their years and bring us the real Winchester brothers? Does he really understand them totally? Does he get what makes each of them tick? Is he becoming the writer that can re-invent this show, Bella would love to no.

Was Dean HAPPY to be TOPSIDE?
Was Dean HAPPY to be TOPSIDE?

Is Jeremy still rocking your boat. Has he griped you and your imagination to its limits and made you feel excited again. Or are you wanting to press that destruct button and blow it all up? There are some angry fans around at the moment, can we see past this, can we move on and grasp it all with open arms. Or are you finding the plots unbearable to watch, and  that our writers are destroying our favorite characters, piece by piece. 

Drop me a line, and have your say. Bella’s spirits have lifted once again and I have hope that Jeremy will pull this shambles around, how about you?


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