If there was anything you could go back and change?

This show has had some little loop holes and inconsistencies along its rocky road. Its history has been shady, and sometimes even a bit iffy. If you could go back and change 1 particular event in the shows history what would that scene/moment/plot be. We all have different opinions of what is poor, bad, terrible what would you attempt to do to make this what you feel is the right move and much more palatable to you.

Being a writer Is a tough job. We love our Writing team
Being a writer Is a tough job. We love our Writing team

Our writers do a sterling job a lot of the time. AND, it mostly ROCKS! Those poorer written moments can jar us, can annoy us and can really irritate us. So much so, we may even avoid that episode for ever because of this reason. Could we improve that scene overall, if given that chance to do so. Would you feel happier, if you could go in and re-work a touch of history?  Would you really like to change something that is already canon?

Bella has her own view on certain area’s of the show, where loop holes have not been properly addressed, and where the writers have sometimes left us, as the audience hanging. Have you ever experienced this with the writing, or do you find the show is 100% superb for you.

I’m interested in your views, so don’t hesitate in dropping me a line. Newbies always welcome.

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, come back soon!

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