A character who is out of character?


out of character (comparative more out of charactersuperlative most out of character)

  1. (idiomaticInconsistent with one’s personalitydisposition, or usual expected behaviour.
    The burst of anger was out of character for the normally placid boy.

     [quotations ▼]

  2. (idiomatic, drama) Not in character; not successfully performing within the mindset of a given character in a theatrical performance. See also break characterdrop character.
    I was out of character for most of the first act because those people in the third row wouldn’t stop chatting.
  3. (idiomatic, drama, role-playing games) Not acting; not “on”; behaving within one’s natural personality rather than that of a character, or taking actions entirely outside the fictional context.
    After watching him perform so energetically, it is a bit of a trip to hang out with him when he’s out of character. In real life, he’s really mellow.
    Susan asked the GMout of character, whether she was able to sense magic in the room.


out of character (comparative more out of charactersuperlative most out of character)

  1. (idiomatic) In a manner inconsistent with one’s usual and expected personality or behavior.
  2. (idiomatic, drama, role-playing games) Away from the mindsetpersonality, or behavior assumed for a role that an actor is rehearsing or performing, or that a player is playing.
    He has the uncanny ability of getting in and out of character within a split second.
    The comedian stepped out of character to mug directly to the audience.


Sam didn't even want his soul back ...
Sam didn’t even want his soul back …

Having searched the net for text about a person being out of character I wanted to explore and understand why Sam has been and still is out of character. The above words from Wikipedia do sum up the acting terms when an actor is out of character OOC. Many have been complaining lately that even Dean has appeared OOC as well as Sam. So lets look at this more closely.

If we were to ascertain why someone is out of character. What do we notice first. Their behavior is the first thing that springs to  mind. If they suddenly give an outburst of anger, or cry for no apparent reason. Do they act strangely? do they behave oddly? Can we sense that characters act this way when something is not quite right. With a certain young man I found Sam to be very alien, and very hostile. I did not like his actions, and his apparent coldness towards others. This season there is no excuse for Sam acting oddly as he has his soul! Cas cleaned him out from Lucifer’s madness. We sense something however, is still not as it should be. When can a character change beyond recognition that you don’t know who they are any longer. Does that character if they were a real person would no if something was not as it was with themselves? Could we get into their physic to understand why that person is changing. Most importantly, do we agree that characters are changing?

Why was Sam so angry over Benny?
Why was Sam so angry over Benny?

How can a character move forward who we no has changed beyond our possibilities. Can that person ever return to whom they once were? Or have we lost site of them completely for ever? These brothers are special, who have taken my breath away over the years, and have lived through the most horrendous times unimaginable to any of us watching. So is it any wonder really that characters turn out of character for some of their lives? Do we accept that sometimes in is inevitable that our favorite character will be out of character for the duration.   Could a character who is severely out of character ever redeem themselves and be whom they once were, or is this it. Is this what we are to expect for ever, and ever.

Bella sometimes looses site of a character as I think many others also do. Sometimes we are polarized seeing a character in one way only, and also hate to see them not right and not whom they really are.  We sense the person, we feel what that person goes through and we continue on that journey with them every single week. So how can our view change to work along side that character whom we no is out of character? If we think they might never come back from the brink?

Anger doesn't always suit Sam?
Anger doesn’t always suit Sam?

As ever Aunty B would love to know all your thoughts on this article about when a character we love is out of character and can we move along with them until we no otherwise. Or doesn’t it really bother you that your favorite character is out of character? Do you really get excited when your loved character is different, a bit odd, and not his usual self. 


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